Der Glasdesigner und Glasveredler entwirft Glaswohnträume jeder Art für z.B. Glastüren, Glastrennwände, Duschabtrennungen, Spiegel mit Rahmengestaltung, Glasbilder oder Glasleuchtobjekte mit LED-Beleuchtung, um nur eine kleine Auswahl zu nennen.

In enger Zusammenarbeit mit Architekten, Bauherren und Privatkunden entstehen so kreative Wohnlandschaften.








For the furnishings of interiors the glass designer and specialist for glass refinement develops all kinds of dreams made of glass:

glass doors, partitions made of glass, shower enclosures, mirrors in decorated frames, glass pictures or objects with LED-lighting – just to mention only a small selection of offers.

In this way artistic, often visionary interior fittings are created in close collaboration with architects, house builders, and private clients.

The customer can choose from the following glass refinement techniques:

- sandblasting on surfaces
- sandblasting including shading
- three-dimensional deep sandblasting
- glass designing with colours
- combining glass with wood, marble,
 granite, and stainless steel
- additional refining with leaf gold or
 other precious metals